The Regency Redo Project

I wish I had taken pictures of this project in-the-making but I hadn’t thought about it for this blog until it was created, so what do we get?  Finished product pictures, but that’s okay.  Now, ignore the fact that I’m wearing no make-up and look really pale…not that the paleness changes in real life.

The original regency

Originally this started out as a draft from the Simplicity Ever After pattern and when I say that, I really just took the bodice and redrafted it.  And I did this around 2006-2007 before I went to Ireland so I could have a Halloween costume while I was over there.  The original dress was made from maroon cotton sheets (so I had limited yardage) and white netting.  Then I added lovely green ribbon around the waist and the sleeves and do some basic embroidery flowers in the center front.  In its first wear, it was lovely but netting does not well and to be honest, I didn’t take the best care of it… But it fit wonderfully, so it was a prime candidate for a remake.

With an event coming up set around 1812, I decided that today was the day… or the last two weeks.  I had some

Front of the Regency

sheer, pale pink curtains my mother didn’t want and I had several panels with just enough to complete this so I made this into a stash project.  Tearing apart the old dress was a pain and man, I stitched the crap out of it, seriously.  In the end, it began the pattern for the pink overlay which I flatlined and pleated.  I also cut the neckline lower since the other just wasn’t very flattering for period for the plates I was looking at.  Luckily I don’t have much of a bosum so I’m not too worried.

I will say this, I do not like sewing sheer, which will make Steampunk incredibly interesting.   It was a fight to get it to obey and not get all wonky.  There are still some spots, but I can live.  Regency isn’t an era I reenact and I don’t usually have a lot of events for it, so this didn’t have to be spot on perfect.

Side of the Regency

The only thing I bought was the ribbon around the waist because without it, it was just so darned plain.  Now, I definitely like it better and it’s only tacked in a few places (as opposed to the other) so I can switch it out if/when I get bored with it.  The bonnet is my first bonnet and only fourth headpiece ever made.  My hair isn’t done right so it puffs the poor thing out horribly.

Back of the Regency and the horrible poof of the bonnet.

I’m pretty pleased and can’t wait to show it off.  As for the underthings:  I made the regency stays a long while ago and LOVE them!  They’re little half stays and are the best stays I’ve worn and I’ve worn quite a few eras; only ones who lift those tiny things up.  The underskirt is my half corded petticoat; half because it isn’t completely finished yet which works wonderfully right now.

And YAY for the first post.  Kinda boring but I swear I’m so much more entertaining.


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