Edwardian Blouse

Some time back, around January, February, I made an unscheduled stop to Joann’s, which is always a bad idea for me.  I walk out with yards of fabric and no idea what to do with it, other than I might have an idea.  Isn’t that always the case?  I have 4.5 yards of red taffeta because of such a thing.  Luckily, once I started browsing, I realized I wanted to make my Edwardian blouse, so cotton muslin it is.  I love muslin, feels so good.

You see, I had this yellow dress I bought at a costume shop sale while I was in college.  A whole two bucks was spent and it fits in the length department so that’s an even better score.  The problem is, the poor thing doesn’t fit in the top and it bothered me so much so that I never wore it.  It’s a tragedy not to wear something, so tear it apart I did and kept the skirt.  It’d be perfect for a Steampunk-Edwardian impression and thus the blouse began.


The Original Yellow Dress with some random top taken about six/seven years ago.

I had some four years of cotton muslin and went from there.  The first step was to pin-tuck the fabric and then shape the middle section.  It seemed much easier that way and worked wonderfully.  Yes, I stitched about ten extra rows of pin-tucks two yards in length each but if it gets results…

From there I just sort of drafted the side panels.  My little dressform, Lulu was such a help and this was my first project really utilizing her.  What a difference having someone to fit!  And shape!  How did I do this before?!  But yes, she was fabulous.  Gold star, Lulu!

Blouse on Lulu

The sleeves are just two rectangles.  The top is gathered/pleated into the shoulder and the bottom is gathered with a machine basting stitch.  I did put a little curve/point to the bottom part of the sleeve for kicks and giggles.  I ran out of fabric, so it isn’t lined like I had hoped in that lower sleeve part but it isn’t for historical reenacting so it works.  It’s not perfect and I didn’t buy enough lace to do what I would have hoped, but I’m happy with it.  It makes you more inventive.

What it looks like all finished!

Now the steampunk persona, Miss Georgiana Sterling has her first outfit.  Time for some accessories and a hat.  Ooo!  Hats!


2 thoughts on “Edwardian Blouse

  1. Oh my goodness, your blouse is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE edwardian fashion, especially blouses (because you can wear them without looking in disguise). Do you sell your creations? I would gladly buy them.
    Best regards.

    • Thanks! That’s so kind of you! And I totally agree. Thanks to the steampunk and neo-victorian fashion movement, we can show off a fabulous period in clothing. I love it.

      I don’t currently sell my work, though I have thought about it.

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