Vintage 40s

I always forget until I start them, that Butterick retro patterns are a pain in the bum.  I have another of their retro pattern (B6582) which was far too complicated for its own good, but yielded amazing results.  That dress is a beautiful dress and fits like a charm without having to do any modifications.  It must mean that retro is the way to go for me.  I’m okay with that to be honest.  Love retro styles.

Butterick B5209

For my brother’s graduation, I decided to make my own dress since nothing was striking me in the stores (it’s a huge upset, I tell you!) and it would cost me the same if not less.  Well, less actually.  A Butterick sale at Joann’s brought the pattern price down to $1.99 so of course I picked up a few.  I got two retro patterns and a glove pattern.  So currently I have their late 40s, their 50s and their early 60s retro patterns.  I’m working those decades!

This pattern (B5209) is by far, less complicated than the other.  I put the bodice together in about two hours with a break for dinner in between (that’s about 15 minutes), so it’s definitely worth it.  I’m a bit nervous to put the zipper in but that’s because I’m horrible with zippers.  They terrify me.  I’d rather sew my 1860s or my Elizabethans rather than put a zipper in.  Alas, you can’t avoid them forever.

Unfinished bodice on Lulu

So the total for this project so far has been around $5 (I had to buy the zipper).  The fabric is a sheet donated to me by my mother.  It’s a nice quality, nicely woven, cotton sheet that was basically never used with such a cute little flower pattern.  It was begging to be a summer dress.  I still have to get some yards of broadcloth for a white lining for the skirt (I don’t wanna show my unders) and then bam!  It’ll be done.  I’m actually rather excited!


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