The Bonnet Saga Begins!

I spent last Sunday at the Kalamazoo Living History Event, which was fabulous.  I got to wear my Regency dress, got ideas about what I might do with that taffeta and purchased a bonnet making kit.  Oh yes, I did.  I have been wanting a bonnet since I made my day dress, which I feel is very bonnet worthy.  While at the Jackson event, I went on hat finding mission and couldn’t find a bonnet that ‘spoke’ to me.  I did purchase a lovely black hat that will receive some new decorations and I do love it.  It covers my face nicely for those super sunny days and keeps this Irish girl from turning into a lobster.  But it isn’t a bonnet.

For the past few months, I searched the internet, found some great resources but still didn’t hear that call to purchase.  Then I found The Dressmaker’s Shop at the event.  She works closely with the woman who heads up the Civil War group I camp with, so of course this was a genius mix!  She was extremely, extremely helpful and encouraging.  With her help, I figured out the size for my melon, got all my supplies and her pattern for a low spoon bonnet for a mere $25 bucks.  Thrilled!  I like being able to say that I made the things that I wear, even if they are not perfect and this way, I can make it how I want it.  I got a lovely blue hemp (cause this girl can’t keep away from blue so I might as well embrace it) and looked over her pattern.

If you need a bonnet pattern for a hemp bonnet, this one is fabulous!  She has lovely pictures that are color coded with descriptions and walks you through the whole thing.  I haven’t started yet, just looked over what I was getting into and I couldn’t be more excited.  I might be able to do this!  Of course I’ll be posting pictures as I go, but I had to express my excitement.  A new bonnet!!  WEE!!

Visit the Dressmaker’s Shop here! 


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