The 40s, nearly finished!

The 40s dress is nearly finished.  All that remains is the dreaded zipper and I hate zippers.  It’s this irrational fear of them mixed with the fact that they just fail me so many times.  They all just come out wonky.  Give me grommets, hooks and eyes, buttons any day.  I’ll tackle them all but zippers!  Gah!  Alas, they are a part of sewing life and I just gotta do it.  Well, I shall, just not today.  My hands are not very steady today, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow or Monday.  Pooh, cause I can’t wait to try this on!

The side was put together, which isn’t as complicated as both the pictures and the description make it out to be.  Seriously, Butterick needs to rethink some of their instructions.  Yes, it’s a retro and a little be different, but this makes me nervous about the instructions for the 18th Century stays pattern they have.  What kind of craziness am I getting into with that one?

Anyway… the skirt is on, with a slightly (about an inch) narrower cotton muslin lining/slip.  I wasn’t sure what to think of the skirt before I got it on Lulu, but I really love it.  My figure does well with full skirts, and I rather like the slight flare to the hem line.

I can’t wait to finish!!


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