Sewing List: Take Two!

The thing about trying to be organized is that the sewing list always ends up changing, even when you said that it wouldn’t.  It morphs and adds on and subtracts and poof!  It’s a whole new beast.  I think that’s mainly because I make my lists at the beginning of the year before I really know what’s going down with my time.  So alas, the new list, revisions made and what not.

In order of ‘due date.’

Retro Dress:  40s and completed!  Pictures and write up to come.  It turned out so adorable!

Steampunk:  A whole new outfit!  But the material has been cut and the ribbon for the corset bought.  A beginning write-up is on its way for that one.

Civil War:  A new bonnet (I have everything I need, just need a day to put it together), adjustment (very minor) to the day dress bodice and a rework of the ballgown bodice, overpetticoat, but really, that’s it!  Not much at all!

Renaissance:  I really want to make a little ‘Belle’ outfit and it would take me a day or two at the moment to put together.  If nothing else, I’d like to have it by Sept/Oct for Halloween, so there isn’t a rush.  I have things I can wear… I suppose.  I also want to do some beading and trimming on the Italian sleeves.

Halloween:  Ah, Halloween.  Whatever shall be done?  Well, not what happened last year therefore, I present a couple options for myself based on time and expenses:  Katniss Everdeen (I get to wear a coat and stay warm! Plus, I all but have that in my wardrobe), Star Trek (Little red dress is pretty easy and would be comfortable if I’m inside), or Artemis (a much more sew intensive outfit).

Nevermind the various other work that needs to be done: some paintings if I want to try and have a booth at a festival around the area, more jewelry, and crafty bits as I find them. 

Let the summer begin!


2 thoughts on “Sewing List: Take Two!

  1. I know what you mean. Sewing lists can change as soon as written. My 40’s dress was a priority..till I realized a) I was running out of ‘summer’ to wear it in b) Jane Austen festival was rapidly approaching and I needed to get my dress done.
    I still have blouses and a waistcoat to make but they’ve got sidelined. And of course winter sewing hasn’t even been planned. Had a 40’s wool ‘suit’ in mind. lol!

    • That’s usually how it works. There’s a lovely little plan and then some event comes up and simply nothing will work that I already have so therefore, I must make. My Jane Austen/Regency project had to get sidelined for a little while. It’s too bad because that era is utterly gorgeous!

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