Corsets and Steampunk. Oh my!

I have not been idle.  Alright, I have been just a smidge, but the last few days have been very productive.  I’ve put together part of the blouse and started the ribbon corset.

The first ribbon is laid!

The ribbon corset is exciting.  I love the color because it is absolutely ridiculous.  There are examples of pink ribbon corsets, although they are a baby pink variety.  Mine is a fuscia pink and the ribbon isn’t as thick as the extant example.  You make due with what you find.  I did have the thought that I should have bought a gradient of pink and put it together that way, but alas, I am pleased with the pink.

One half of the front is finished

It’s surprisingly easy.  Just lay the ribbon down, stitch and voila!  You’ve got a fabulous looking corset.  I just have a feeling I’ll be taking it in even more.  I did make it four inches smaller than my waist measurements but even on the dummy that doesn’t squish, it seems a bit ‘big.’  Easy adjustment.  I’ll just hack some off the center back but I’ll wait to get the ribbons on.

Lulu's slowly getting a new outfit

As for the blouse… the fabric is a pain!  And I had to hand pleat the waist while pinned on Lulu to get it right.  So many adjustments to size but at least it was too big and not too small.  The sleeves are being made, though I discovered a cut in one part of the fabric.  GRRR.  I’ll have to fray-check and figure out how to fix it since I have no extra to remake it.  If I can get the sleeves on and looking good, I’ll be excited.


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