Steampunk, we’re almost there!

I know.  It’s been a little while but there’s been alot happening.  The good news is that this sheer steampunk insanity is almost over.  The shirt is put together and the skirt has been stitched.  The skirt is so much fun to wear (I pranced around for a little while in it before I put the hem in).  It moves so beautifully!  I’ll have pictures of that once it’s all finished.

Almost finished shirt with the under shirt (from Target) and the corset. Ignore the shorts.

The shirt was a pain in  my bum.  Apparently there was a bit of a cut in one sleeve and so I just fray checked it.  I don’t have any extra to remake so that’s what I came up with.  While the sleeves are a bit big, I learned my lesson last year.  Last year’s coat (I’ll have to photograph it), the sleeves were tailored to my arm exactly and yep… they were a bit hard to move in, not that a lady like that should be moving…  So, I’ll take a little big and roomy over not being able to wave my arms around like I just don’t care.  Yep, I went there.

The snaps have to be placed and the buttons sewn on.  They are this cute little pink buttons and I have roughly eight of them so we’ll see how many buttons I go crazy with.  I’m thinking at least five and then I’ll stick three on the closure of the skirt in the back.

Did I mention the skirt is soooo much fun to wear?!  I put bias tape around the hem to protect it and I was worried it would be too stiff for the fabric, but as luck would have it, it holds the skirt out in this lovely shape and holds the train’s shape when I walk.  Score one for bias tape.


Anyway…  Here are my accessories I didn’t decided to go with.  The hat isn’t finished yet, but that’s just trimming work.  The brooch you see there is a flea market find for about a dollar.  Inside it says “Avon,” and yes, it is a locket.  I plan to find some pretty fabric in my stash to put inside instead of a picture.  I’m so not a picture locket gal.  Then I just glued on some jewelry bits to cover what must have been a jewel or cameo on the front but had fallen out.  I couldn’t find one that fit to replace it.  The earrings are something I whipped up and the pin and ring are from this cool kit that was on sale and I had to try.  My hands are not the steadiest these days but I did alright.  At least my finger wasn’t glued to the ring, always a good thing!

My next post will be the full outfit!  And then maybe one of the run down of everything I plan to wear and take with me…


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