Begin Again

I was a horrible person:  I forgot to take pictures at Steampunk!  I know!  Don’t worry, I’ll take some at home here soon.

On to the next projects….

Civil War Bodice Re-do is under way but that’ll be an afternoon adventure.  Really quick.  I’ll definitely have pictures of that once it’s done.

But what else?  I’ve decided to for go any ‘renaissance’ outfits.  I may remake a few pieces here or there, and I plan on making a pirate coat to keep warm for the fall and sleeves for the Italian but I don’t really need new stuff.  So what does that leave me?  Well, this list…

Padme’s Packing Gown
Lady Sif (for Halloween)
Black Widow (another Halloween option)
Steampunk Alice in Wonderland
Tasteful Pin-up (Retro/Vintage style if I can find one to mimic that I like)
The 1920s Dress that I’ll post on later since that’s a given (in time for Gatsby)
Satine’s Red Gown

Or something else…


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