Peggy Carter, The Halloween Saga

So, for last Halloween, a mini disaster happened:  I fell back on an old stand by and it wasn’t pretty.  Oh, I’m sure it was attractive enough but such a disappoint to me that I can’t even go into detail.  But this Halloween, I will rock it!

I’m going back to the original plan I had last year:  Peggy Carter.  It’s a perfect.  A combination of that ‘superhero’ element and the vintage that I’ve fallen in love with.  Besides, it’s set in the 40s which happens to be a decade that I can rock pretty easily.

The look I’m aiming for

Outside of the costuming, Peggy is a pretty fun character.  She was, essentially, one of the first agents of SHIELD, before it was even SHIELD, really.  In the movie (which is the version I’m aiming for costume wise), she was strong, feminine and could hold her own in a pack of men.  What woman doesn’t want to feel like that?  Sometimes I think we forget the feminine part of it all and just go for sexy or badass.  Feminine can be just as hard-edged and smoldering as the Black Widow look I was thinking about.

A variation on the above

This is also a costume that’ll be different for me to make.  I will ‘find’ the white blouse at Salvation Army or a consignment shop, that’s not a problem.  There is also a black tie that I own somewhere in all my accessories and things.  What will have to be made will be the jacket and the skirt.  I can rock a pencil but it’s going to be that coat that’ll be the kicker… must necessary.  I’m tired of freezing on Halloween!

And the shoes….  I must have amazing shoes…

It’ll be a fun look.  Now to find someone to go as Captain America…


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