Lobster Bustle Pad!

Project of the day: a bustle pad to go with the new steampunk persona who is bustle-fabulous and all upper-class.

Originally, this project was going to be the basic white of typical undergarments but why do that when you have a yard and a half of red cotton broadcloth just sitting there with no home?  Not to mention, a little bit of some red grosgrain style ribbon from my mother’s last project (shhh…. she wasn’t home when I kidnapped it).

I started out by taking my elizabethan bum roll and tracing it with some tailor’s chalk (love that stuff!).  I was originally going to wing it since you need this on your backside and less on the hips to get the shape.  The length and width of it, I did wing and just drew as I saw fit.  Luckily, I was pretty okay with how big it ended up.

I doubled the length for the ruffle and then stitched the ribbon to the ruffle to add a little bit more stiffness to the ruffle.  It will have to hold up at least a petticoat, skirt and draped apron.   Granted, those things will not be overly heavy and that little ruffle won’t do much but c’mon?  Isn’t it fun?  Almost got a retro flavor to it, or am I just stuck in my 40s Sundress (post to come)?

Putting it together is very much like putting together a pillow and for the stuffing: scraps.  This is something a friend of my taught me (who still needs to sign my bum roll she made for me above, ahem).  I took left over pieces from other projects that I saved for some reason but looking back over them, cannot have another life other than as stuffing for a bum pad.  It gives it a bit of weight and stiffness.  I have an old bum pad with just stuffing and the poor thing just doesn’t hold shape over heavier skirts… or if those skirts get wet.

Warning: it does give the pad weight and I mean it.  I tried it on without the corset just to get some quick photos and I will never do it again.  It cuts into your stomach like a tornequet.  There’s a reason we wear corsets ladies.  I knew that but I thought: what the hey!  Just for a few moments.  Oh yes, only a few minutes indeed!  I got the shots and promptly undressed.

It does give me a lovely, rather large little bustle (I had hoped for just a cute little draped sized one but hey: go big or go home).  The apron drape will have to be reworked to accommodation the bigger bustle but that just means I have more to swish!

*It looks a bit like a Lobster claw, so I’m calling my little pad: Lobster!


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