Steampunk: Georgie’s getting a bodice

I have been up to things outside of buying yards and yards of fabric.  Seriously, I need to stop and finish the projects I have… but they’re so pretty.

Anyway, with a new steam character comes a new outfit, no surprise.  I spent quite a few tries figuring out the design of this American-English heiress before I found one that worked and that suited me.  I love blue and I have learned to just accept it and I’m not the type to go all out with over-abundance of trim to playing an upper-class bustle wearing lady to my taste was a challenge, no doubt about that.  In the end, I chose something a bit military-inspired… and mainly because of the 1870s bolero jacket I found that I am in love with.

It’s gorgeous, right?  Mine will be a poor imitation but it’s steampunk, right?  I’ve got some creative freedom here.  I just have to find the right trim, braiding and anything else to make it look rich.  That’s easier said than done, right?

But that’s the original design right up there.  I know, I went bold and picked white which is a little scary with my track record of ruining white things.  No, really.  I don’t buy white despite how good a dark haired girl can rock it.  I spill or get mud all over it.  It’s fate.  Alas, white and blue look just too good not to do it… and besides, there was a sale on satin ($3/yard) and nothing else really popped against the royal blue quite like ivory/white.

So off I went to sew the bodice today.  I’m using Simplicity 0584 for the bodice since I made this up when I was in high school for college and really liked the neckline and the way it fit my shoulders.  Dancer shoulders are hard to fit, fyi and so is a small chest but this one is flattering.  I added an inch and a half to the length because it was rather short the first time around… and then I added a little detail …

Bam!  I love it.  This part was inspired by Loki and in some ways Thor’s costumes from the Thor film and The Avengers film.  It’s such a fun and lovely detail (and I needed and excuse to try it out before I put together the Loki-corset).  I’m so, so, so, pleased that it turned out.  I may not use the buttons from the original design.


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