Plaid and Hoops

It may not look like I’ve been doing much but I have, trust me.  I’m just now getting around to posting up some things and then look out!  I have a bit sewing list coming up with lots of Civil War, Regency, Steampunk, LOTR (if I can find the fabric on discount) and maybe a new “Hook” look.  So let’s get going!

For Jackson Civil War Muster,  I was working on a new blouse.  It was a lovely Garibaldi style with black trimming and buttons I got at Mood when I took a little detour to New York.  They aren’t super exciting buttons but just the very fact that they are Mood buttons trills me.  Silly, I know, but give a girl her kicks.  I got a little carried away with the amount of buttons (22 just down the front).  It wasn’t until I put it on that I realized that I should have used a few less.  Buttoning all of those buttons is no joke.

Check out the buttons! So many!

I didn’t used a pattern per se for this blouse.  I basically took my Civil War patterns (I have a few from Simplicity) to get the shoulder seam right and drafted from there.  I don’t have an ample chest, so that makes things easier.  All I had to do was elongate the waist and forgo all the darts.  I did make the sleeves extra long (personal preference rather than any true documentation).  The extra length made me giggle.

It looks pretty smart together doesn’t it?

As for the skirt you see with it, there’s no pattern for that.  I bought a total of 8 yards of the 60″ width fabric and used about 6.5 or 7 yards for the skirt, just knife pleating it into a waist band.  I think I used more on the 5-6.5 side of things since I’m going to try and get a bodice out of the rest.  At the very least, I think I have enough for a Zouve jacket I can pair with a tea bodice style or something of the like for Gettysburg (yes, I am going!  WEE!).  It’s a lovely taffeta which is becoming some of my favorite to work with when it comes to this era.  It’s rich, swishes and lightweight so it handles all the thick pleating well.  Did I mention that it swishes!

Now I just need to make a velvet swiss waist…or maybe a velvet belt.  I haven’t settled on that yet.


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