Red Taffeta Saga ends!

So all those yards of Red Taffeta that sat around forever? Yep, they found a home.  I kept trying to make it into something it didn’t want to be: Regency ballgown, Satine gown, 18th Century, but what it really wanted to be was a Tudor gown.  How silly of me not to recognize?!  I know I didn’t want to sew for that era again, not for a while but when a fabric speaks, it is best to just listen and therefore: I have a lovely Tudor gown.

Tudor is an era I always wanted to do but didn’t have enough fabric for until now.  I love the sleeves and the bell shape of the hoop.  So pretty and simple.  Yes, there are some excessive trimmings in some of the portraits but for the most part, they left the fabric speak for itself.  In other words: it is right up my alley.

Almost finished here! Just had to hem the skirt and tack up the sleeves.

Of course, I decided this a week before it needed to be worn so late nights and lots of coffee in the mornings.  All I can say is: it got finished!  Tudor, it turns out, is a pretty easy pattern draft.  I had a mock up for an Elizabethan bodice made from my stay measurements so I just modified it a little into one piece.  The sleeves were pretty easy, a rectangle and a bell shape.  It was finding the lining that was the trick.  Luckily, I had some left over material that worked really well against the red, and there was enough to make a forepart.  Prior, I had contemplating making a full skirt instead of a split.  Boy, I’m glad I found it.

The dress fits like a glove and with a few jewels, I felt like an absolute princess.  Some little girls kinda helped with that, to be honest.  What I also discovered is this:  I adore the shape of this dress for me.  I can partake in the hoop brigade without feeling like the dress is wearing me (which was how I always felt with Elizabethan).

Now I just need a gold girdle, maybe a french hood (I really should to be proper) and a warm weather partlet (they are so darn smashing).