A Little Mad for the Hat!

Every year I buy a new Christmas ornament.  It’s just a little tradition.  I like to add something to my tree that sort of embodies the year because each year you change your taste so it’s kinda fun to go through all the ornaments and see this weird tale of your life.  I say all this because this year, money is extremely tight and on top of that, I’m feeling very crafty especially with all the Pinterest things that I can’t help but re-pin.  Oh yes, I am one of those.

Mini Mad Hatter style top hat ornaments!

So, when this lovely tutorial popped up on my Facebook feed, I just HAD to try it out.  It looked simple enough; I’ve made mini top hats for my own head so the principle was the same.  Plus, when you look at the site, they are just so stinking adorable!  How can you not want one of these on your own tree?  Plus, most of the supplies most people just have lying around the house.

I added a little curl ornament hooks from my mother’s stash.

Now, I had a errand to the craft store anyway, so I did purchase scrapbooking paper but you know, I was thinking, you could probably do this with heavy-duty wrapping paper.  You know the kind that you can never rip open?  I may do that with some of my scraps that I keep around for who knows what reason.  I also substituted hot clue for that fancy glue.  I didn’t feel like purchasing more clue or digging around for the heavy duty glue I know is somewhere in my drawers.  Hot glue works just as well on paper anyway…and it really does.

So cute!

I will recommend, that if you have jewelry supplies, you can use that to make the mock hat pins which is what I did.  Plus, having all sorts of random bits of trim is nice for the ribbon.

In any case, these are adorable, super cheap, and extremely easy to make.  So go forth and make them!  Let’s invade Christmas with mini top hats!

Here’s the tutorial, with printable templates!


4 thoughts on “A Little Mad for the Hat!

  1. Oh my gosh! Completely in love with these! I’ve been looking for some ornament ideas to make (and I absolutely love steampunk) so this is a perfect idea for me. Going to tackle some of these over Thanksgiving break. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    • Your welcome! It was too good of an idea not to try out! I hope they turn out as lovely for you as they did for me.

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