What’s Happening Next Year

It’s that time, the time of year I put together a list of sewing projects… and inevitably throw it out the window about March-April when I have brilliant new plans.  To be honest, this year I really want to stick to the project list.  My wardrobe is getting a bit ridiculous and I should probably make due with doing some fun, complicated things rather than throwing some things together that work for the moment.  In other words, I’m committing to this list and only this list because I’ve put it together with the idea that it’ll satisfy all of my nerdom needs.

The more mundane list includes a dip-dyed fifties dress out of cotton.  I acquired some recently and I think it’ll be the perfect experiment with dyeing and I love cotton for a fifties dress.  So nice in the hot summer months and easy to wear.  The other mundane is a forties dress from a pattern I just got.  This I hope to do so since it has long sleeves.

A sixties Tardis dress is cut and in the works, so I’ll do a separate post on that after the holidays.  I want to take it to the Detroit Auto Show, which is a weird place to take it but for some reason I just have to do.  I don’t understand it either.

Arwen's Bridge Dress from LOTR:  Fellowship

Arwen’s Bridge Dress from LOTR: Fellowship

Next is the beautiful Bridge Dress from Fellowship of the Rings.  I recently saw The Hobbit, which is EXQUISITE,  and loved Galadriel’s gown.  I am, however, dark haired.  If I ever wanted to take it someplace like a convention, playing up Arwen is the way to go.  The Bridge dress is very similar in style to Galadriel’s and I quite like it.  The only hiccup is going to be the Evenstar… and I really want the official replica.  Sad news is the price but I’ll save up for it.

Jaina Solo in her X-Wing Pilot gear

Jaina Solo in her X-Wing Pilot gear

Moving on to another fandom I must do this year:  Star Wars and I’m going from the expanded universe.  I have always loved Jaina Solo, mainly because she’s a heroine I can relate to.  Besides, most people pick Leia or Padme (who can blame them?  Great costumes there!) but I think Jaina would be fun.   And I really want a purple lightsaber.

Scarlet Witch in her new outfit

Scarlet Witch in her new outfit

Superheroes are also on the list.  I do a superhero every year for Halloween and last year I did X-23.  This year I’m picking Scarlet Witch.  I know a lot of people hate her, but I quite like her.  In fact, there’s a lot to like about Wanda and people give her the short end for some reason.  It isn’t like she’s the first to royally mess up and then criticize others…hello, her father for one and yet, people love him and give him all kinds of second chances.  So pfft.

The 1922 Gatsby dress

The 1922 Gatsby dress

Now, Gatsby comes out in May (SO EXCITED) and so I picked this dress to emulate and do for that premier.  May tends to get fairly warm in my parts and if it isn’t warm yet, then I’ll put together a fabulous 20s shawl/coat.  But this would also be cute for summer parties, so it’s quite functional.

1865 Sheer Dress

1865 Sheer Dress

Civil War is constantly on the list and this time it is because I’m intended (and I WILL go) to Gettysburg and need more clothes.  Mainly, I’ll be working on a sheer and settled for this.  The sleeves with change a bit to fit a few years prior to this dress (it’s 1865) but I fell in love with this years ago.  There’s also a new corset to be made, a new overpetticoat, corset cover, velvet swiss waist and hopefully a plaid bodice if I have enough.  BIG project.

Chemise a la Reine

Chemise a la Reine

If I end up with some time, I want to put together a little Chemise a la Reine.  I want a dress from this period and the lightness of this style kinda appeals to me.  The hard part is the corset/stays.  I’ll have to make a set of white…and then black for the Female-Hook project that I want to accomplish for the Ren Faire season.  That doesn’t really start up until late summer, so I’ll survive without the black until then.

Plus, Georgie’s Steampunk outfit is still in the works.  I’ve just now settled on a bustle drape.

Big plans and I’m excited.  It’ll be fun to tackle all these different roles.


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