What Lies Behind the Mask

There’s a chance I’ll find myself as a masque ball this coming weekend and therefore, in need of a mask.  I do possess a few; a black leather one, a Venetian style one I bought at The Globe and one I made last year except that one doesn’t fit the theme of the ball this year and I wasn’t thrilled with it anyway.  Luckily, I found this fabulous tutorial about making a mask out of tulle, puffy paint and ribbon and you know me, I love trying out a tutorial.  Turns out, it’s actually very easy and very lovely!  Much better than spending hours on a make-up mask.

mask template
The site has their own template which is beautiful but because I’m me, I wanted to create my own.  You can see that I have quite a few little swirls in there and they did not make it into puffy paint.  Be careful if you do what I did.  Those pretty, intricate designs work on paper but puffy paint is thicker and tulle shifts around so simpler and thicker is probably better.  I ended up having to nix some of the interior swirls in favor of lines but it still looks great so I’m not complaining.

The puffy paint before it dried

The puffy paint before it dried

I also chose a puffy paint that dried clear…  not my intention at all.  The goal was an opal type of look but I threw out what I knew about puffy paint and grabbed a little, cheap bottle.  It’s really cool under light because it sparkles and you can still see a bit of it on my face, which, to be honest, is probably a nicer effect than my opal idea.  I’m just glad I didn’t go for the blue I was looking at.  Sheesh, that would have been a WAY different look than the ice/crystal look I ended up with.

What it looks like dried

What it looks like dried

The bottle says to let dry four hours – LIE!  It was still wet and ended up leaving it still for about seven or eight and then shifted it and the plastic to my bedroom dresser overnight so my fluffy ones wouldn’t mess with it.  Overnight is the best trick.

with the mask on!  Sorry for the crappy pic.

with the mask on! Sorry for the crappy pic.

Then I just hot glued some ribbon.  The tutorial uses puffy paint as an adhesive and probably looks better but I’m impatient and so, hot glue it is!  It really turned out very cool and so long as everything works out, I can’t wait to show it off!

It does get me thinking though.  Perhaps I’ll try this method out with some gold tulle, gold puffy paint and make myself a steampunk style collar/necklace.  The mask is comfortable and moves with me without being itchy (which lace tends to do when around my neck).  I just have to figure out the shape since I want it to go down around my collarbone too.  New project?  I think so.


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