It’s a Wrap on The 40s

I finished the 40s dress in time to wear it to a work conference, just barely too.  In all, I’m very happy with it, though I definitely do not have the figure to pull off the era without a little help in the bust department.

So, I hate zippers, with a passion but this one, once I figured it out, was probably the easiest to put in and looks better than my usual attempts.  It also helps to have a zipper foot, which I did not have until now and that was because my beloved Kenny the Kenmore has had to be retired.  One of the tension nobs just broke off, or rather, I pulled it out and went to thread and boop.  It fell into my hand before I could touch it.  A very sad day, so I had to transfer over to my mom’s old Singer…which has a zipper foot.  Happy day for this project, I suppose.  Poor Kenny.

At the end of the day.  Ignore my expression; I wasn't feeling well due to allergies.

At the end of the day. Ignore my expression; I wasn’t feeling well due to allergies.

Anywho…  The report of this dress is:  it’s a comfortable, fun dress that feels very day time to me and therefore a great dress to add to my wardrobe.  I will say that the synthetic fabric was a touch warm, but isn’t that the point of a sleeved dress?  And speaking of, I made the shorter sleeves (because I’m long limbed and I thought I’d just beat it to the punch and make the shortness intentional) and they fit my arms wonderfully.  I will say that if you have thicker arms (like I wish I did), it does get tight around the forearm when you bend.  Not too bad, but worth noting.

I was also right about the fit.  Once I put the sleeves on, I didn’t really have much choice to slim it down.  I have wider, dancer shoulders so if I had taken it all in correctly, I would not have any mobility in my shoulders.  The fit isn’t THAT bad as long as I wear my super-duper bra that gives me twice my usual cup size and it fills it out decently.  I’ll take it.

Good pattern with a few frustrating points that comes with the nature and design of the dress.  It is a charming dress on and I loved wearing it around because I felt like I could modernize it enough for everyday wear and not feel like I’m wearing a costume.  Success!


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