Everyday I’m Bustle’n

Aside from my latest project with The Weekly 52, I had been working, at least a little bit.  Georgie’s steampunk look got some much needed attention on this blustery, winter day and boy am I happy how it came out and so glad I waited until I had a clear vision in my head…because it turned out exactly how I had dreamed it up.

I spent some time this past summer and fall looking at fashion plates and other steampunk inspired clothing by the fabulous folks out on the internet before I settled on this particular design and partly because I did go back to the original sketch.  Having forgot how many yards I bought, I knew I needed to be as economical as possible and I like a more stream-lined look.  Besides all of that, I also had to take in account the character I’m building with this look.  She’s from a military background (her father, and late husband) but aristocratic from her mother and happens to be a benefactor to many ship-like investments, so there had to be a touch of that clean, military look.

There's a nice little splice there that I had hoped would happen, so yay!

There’s a nice little splice there that I had hoped would happen, so yay!

The main materials are your basic ‘special occasion satin,’ whatever that means.  It was on major sale and had the right color saturation so I bought it, long, long ago.  Satin has a decent body to it when it is pleated (having worked with it on the Wonder Woman bustle) so I knew it would hold up, shape-wise.  The ‘iffy’ part was always the trim.  Gold works well for the military look but I’m not always a fan of gold trim.  I think what helps is the saturation of color on the blue against the gold.  It makes the bargain trim look less like a bargain.

The gold trim doesn't look half bad.

The gold trim doesn’t look half bad.

I didn’t use any pattern, free-handing it.  So far, I’ve had some good luck with free-handing my projects.  The lines of the bustle are just that, lines, so that helps quite a bit.  There’s no curves though I almost factored some of those in and decided, last minute to go against that idea.  It didn’t fit with the concept of the design.

Gotta love pleats.

Gotta love pleats.

Thank goodness Georgie is moving along.  I was always thinking that it would never happen or it would be an utter failure.  Luckily, it’s coming together and using up a lot less of my fabric than I planned.  Perhaps the white skirt will get itself a navy dust ruffle.  Wouldn’t that be a fun little bit on the train in the back?


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