Flowered Garland

So, I had been thinking to attend a Civil War Ball this very night, but decided at last minute after really thinking over the budget that of the two balls that are on my radar, I would rather spend my very little cash and go to the Regency era one instead.  In the summer, when cash flow is better, there are quite a few reenactments with their own balls and the like so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.  There are other balls but only one Regency one in my area.  Still, I had been set to go which meant I needed to make a headpiece to go with my ball gown.

The supplies, totally about $10.

The supplies, totally about $10.

Usually, when attending a ball, I make do with borrowed pieces or whatever flowers I have around.  While my hair is unruly most days, its curls are great for holding flowers.  Having no access to borrowed goods this time around, I made a trip to the local Joann’s for some things.  I really didn’t expect to find what I was looking for but bam!  There was a clearance flower bridal crown ($5) and some of their spring floral being set with some delicate, paper flowers.  I scooped up a purple and a more vibrant pink… and some purple ribbon to wrap around it and get rid of the dull white.

All put together.  It's subtle and sweet.

All put together. It’s subtle and sweet.

It’s a pretty easy creation but man!  Those small flowers were not wire like I had thought, but plastic stemmed and fought me the entire way.  Somehow I managed to weave them all into place, a few sparkly beads hidden in there for fun and wrap it with ribbon.  I used hot glue to hold the ribbon in place every couple of wraps and I’m quite pleased.  It isn’t as full or big as I originally planned but after putting it on my head, I like it better.

Next up: some more steampunk with the bolero… and tackling the bonnet.  AH!


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