Regency Bodice Update! Almost There

It’s almost done!  With more than enough time to spare, which is good because accessories must be made and put together for this lovely project.  I am very pleased how this is turning out.  It will be a unique, lovely ballgown and I do feel quite Jane Austen-like in it.

It turned out quite nicely, I think.

It turned out quite nicely, I think.

The trim is on the bodice down, and in fact, so is the skirt though I don’t have a picture just yet to show you.  I will say that I’m glad I went with a very thin, subtle trim verses the one that I did have in my hand which would have overpowered this bodice.  Just a hint of gold and ivory is enough to punctuate the dress, especially for someone who like to keep the trimming simple.

Another ‘trimming’ sort of thing that I’m glad really worked was all that little beading.  I needed to do something with those sleeves when my math failed me.  My first solution was just to pin up bits here and there before I remembered the insane amount of tiny pearls I’ve had for about ten years now.  It’s the never ending supply but that’s just fine.  They work in a pinch and it does help to elevate these sleeves.  It’s a nice detail.

The skirt turned out very ‘regency’ and by that, I’m really happy with the way the back pleated and the way the sheer worked out over the cheap satin but I’ll write more about that when I premier the dress (which just needs the buttons and buttons holes to be finished).


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