From Dress to Skirt

For those of us who are clothing hogs and those of us you take in items we know we can somehow make work into our regular lives, this isn’t a new idea, but for some, this might be a little helpful and I hope it is.  I have to remind myself of this trick now and then when I go to get rid of something that I previously really liked, even loved.

I have plenty of sundresses and several that I don’t wear anymore.  It’s a tragedy, really because they are in really nice shape.  A lot of the time, I donate them to Salvation Army or Goodwill, or any other clothing resale shop.  I’m all for it since I frequent these places myself looking for the vintage or vintage projects.  Now and then however, I forget that something I loved just needs to be tweaked to be loved again and such is the story with this dress.
This dress was given to me by my aunt a couple of years ago.  It’s a great dress, has an A line skirt and an ever so slight vintage-like feel to it, but look at it.  It screams of young and by young, I mean still in high school young and I get that enough in my life.  I need more usable, not necessarily grown up, but suitable clothing for my quarter of a century years.  In my opinion, the key to looking young and fashionable is knowing your age, accepting this and dressing appropriately for it.  This means that at 25, I shouldn’t be wearing a dress that screams of a teenager off to Easter service.  So what to do with an item that’s like new?  Remake it!
With dresses like these, it’s an easy update.  I simply cut it apart, about two inches from the skirt seam, to make it into a lovely, spring/summer skirt.  Yes, there’s a zipper but the joy of zippers are, you can always shorten them, so long as you know to make yourself a stopper.  I used my button-hole stitch to make a thick thread stop but I found it naturally stops at the seam and then I just added those nifty hook and eye things.

What was an accident was the little loops where the sash was placed.  I thought I might lose it in the cutting but what do you know, it was lower than I originally thought and I get to keep the cute little tie.  A happy accident!  I also love that now that it is cut away from the bodice, this skirt hits at my natural waistline.  My longer torso tends to make these type of dresses look wonky because it doesn’t fall at my waist.  Silly tall affliction I have.

Now I have a new skirt and this bodice that will probably get recycled into some sort of costume or even a vintage/pin-up style brassiere.  I’m thinking the later…


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