NAIAS: The 50s Invasion!

Time to get back into the swing of posting about my sewing/crafting/etc projects.  I have a lot of projects planned for this year, so it should work fairly well.  Plus, I can then give my honest opinion about various patterns, etc.

 It's a Pony!

It’s a Pony!

First up: NAIAS outfit!  I first went to NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) with a good friend of mine who is a master seamstress and costumer.  She dressed for the event, car themed and era themed… and well, I’m sure you can guess what happened to me: I had to join in.  I didn’t want to be left out, so the next year, I had this cute 50’s cigarette capris, a short tied shirt and victory rolls in my hair.  I loved it.  This year, it was decided that we were going to dress as a small unit, with short poodle skirts to match the theme of our favorite cars.

I picked Ford.  Now, I’d love to say that I’m a Ford girl, but I’m not.  I’m a Dodge Viper girl, but I have sold my soul to my 2011 Ford Escape for the next 6-7 years so I feel as if I should represent.  Plus, I do almost everything in blue and I had left over blue fabric from my Belle costume (more on that sometime).  Blue is a flattering color for me, so I snagged that one for myself.

The skirt was easy.  It’s just a very simple circle skirt with an elastic waistline.  I lined it in black and white satin stripes so that I could easily flip it over and it wouldn’t necessarily be a ‘car’ circle skirt.  Versatility everyone!  I’m all for it!

The stamped logo that I don't pretend to own.  I'm just a fan making a fan outfit not for profit and will never be for profit.  This skirt is mine!

The stamped logo that I don’t pretend to own. I’m just a fan making a fan outfit not for profit and will never be for profit. This skirt is mine!

As for the logo, I put that one with fabric paint, ‘stamping’ it out, not once but twice.  The first was with a sparkle fabric paint but it didn’t turn out well.  The logo was too small, unreadable and a mess.  I quickly went to work washing it off the material and switched over to white and a much larger logo.  I will say this: Ford is a registered logo and company.  I made this as a fan and in no way promote selling or doing this.  It’s probably illegal.  I won’t make and sell them and this was just for me and will probably be replaced with a registered patch (probably a Mustang logo).  In fact, I recommend going the patch route.  My friend did for her Chevy one and it is amazing!

The shirt was tricky.  I was just going to grab one from Salvation Army but money ran tight and my mother appeared with an old black, silky shirt that she didn’t wear anymore.  She’s must bustier than I am so I threw it on my dress form and tailored away.  I put in a V-shaped dart in the back (cause that’s racing and car-like, right?) and cut the sleeves shorter (I’m long limbed so they would have been short anyway).  It worked!  Even better; the grand total for the project was now up to a crazy $2 and that was for the white paint.

Complete!  Too bad I didn't snap a shot of the V-pleat in the back of the shirt

Complete! Too bad I didn’t snap a shot of the V-pleat in the back of the shirt

I still needed a belt and couldn’t find a single one in my wardrobe.  I had some leather from an old project and cut stripes.  My mother was kind enough to buy me this cute buckle that was on clearance and now I have this adorable, custom made belt.  Bonus?  It was true leather so the belt didn’t slide or shift during the day against the blue fabric, nor did it stain the blue skirt.

Now, there is a very quick, three or so yard tulle skirt I threw together.  I wanted to make a no-sew to go under it but I ran out of time to get the tulle… and I didn’t have the funds… plus, once again, I already had the tulle.  It kept the skirt puffed up enough but not super high, which the no-sew probably would have done.  In the long run, this was good.  The skirt was already short as it was.

Butt touching a butt...yes, it was a running gag.

Butt touching a butt…yes, it was a running gag.

All together?  It was such a fun and comfortable outfit.  No sucking in of the stomach to show off the abs like last year.  The hair could be in a ponytail.  Plus, as a small group, people thought we were performers and that was just too much fun.  Car people love the 50s and they love poodle skirts it seems.  Or just girls in short poodle skirts.  I can never tell.  Either way, I really enjoying dressing for the cars, seeing some amazing vehicles (the GT is truly something to see and so was my baby, the Viper).


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