A Little Star Wars Action

rey1The new Star Wars film put out pics of the new characters just in time for me to put together an outfit for Motor City Comic Con.  Not to mention the Vanity Fair article and I was just an overjoyed nerd-girl!  Especially since I can pull of Rey.  Trust me, I’m even thinking of joining up with a certain Rebel group as Rey…we’ll see.

Anywho…  The making of this look is rather simple and I had a lot of the items on hand.  A trip to Salvation Army did the rest.  In short, I bought a shirt and pair of cargo pants of similar color, hacked away at the shirt to make the neckline and sleeve shape right, then hand stitched and draped cotton gauze I had on hand.  To complete the main look, I took fabric and acrylic paint, mixed with water and went to distressing/staining.  It isn’t a perfect color and I may tea stain this all later.
For the arm gauntlets, I took left over sleeves from the shirt and took them in to fit snuggly.  Then I took four strips of the gauze and attached them to the sleeves in two spots (for ease of getting them on and off).  I crafted a bracelet out of leather I had lying around.  Easy as pie.
I already had the perfect belt and I just found this pouch/pack at Salvation Army that I removed the confederate flag from and redid the straps to sit on the belt.  Boots and socks?  Already had those.
Basically, this was the easiest cosplay I’ve ever put together.  And I love it.

May the Force be with you… and when this comes out because I’m already geeked and have been geeked.


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