What is Bits and Bobbles

Aside from a silly name?  Bits and Bobbles is an off-shoot of my main blog:  Post Grad Adventures.    I had a little column, and still do, called PIP: Project in Progress that detailed my sewing, jewelry, art, etc. projects on a fairly weekly-semi weekly basis as I get things updated.  Well, this was only the tip of the iceberg as I always have some sort of costuming/sewing/accessory project going.  Outside of that, I adore visiting ‘Dress Diary’ style blogs and thought: I have tones of projects I’d like to at least keep record of completely, doing, why can I not create my own?

I’m not expert and everything I’ve learned has literally been self taught.  I’ve never had any serious formal sewing training that requires a prof and a class.  The only training I’ve received has been working in my college’s costume shop while I was there.  I learned an amazing amount of things but by that time, I’d been sewing for a good three-four years by fiddling around on a sewing machine and not following patterns.  Yes, I have a horrible time following those darn directions and started drafting my down from my first garment.  I’ll have to scan a pic of that in.  Luckily, I have a mother who knew how to sew and could at least show me how to thread a machine and what the basics were.  But I drone on.

With any luck, Bits and Bobbles will keep Post Grad and my Facebook from being super cluttered with random updates.  I’ll attempt to be neat and organized.  Yep, yep.


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